Stem Cells and Covid-19 Recovery

Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization having common symptoms such as dry cough, tiredness and light fever. Patients affected with a severe illness due to Sars-Cov-2 usually have difficulty breathing, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement. Latest Stem Cells treatments showed promising results when medication doesn’t work and when hours can be life threatening for the patient.

Stem Cells are not medicine, they are adult cells that can be reprogrammed to 5 different categories to regenerate the body:

Stem cells are the future of medicine that help to reinforce your body by replacing dead or missing cells that supposed to fight against diseases, inflammations.

“The Natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”


Patients are not equal when infected with covid, recovery varies from age, race, diet and comorbidity. Precondition often undetected leads to high death rate especially for people for older than 45, having cancer, chronic kidney or lung disease, diabetes and heart conditions (

What can be done for patients with severe Illness du Covid-19?

First keep in mind that all patients infected by Covid-19 have different conditions, there’s not a simple universal treatment but various treatments based on local FDAs, government policies and doctors recommendations. up to 98% of the hospitalized patients received antibiotics ( during their first 48h in the hospital in order to try to reduce the viral load.

Recent Stem Cells developments not only allows to reduce quickly the propagation of the virus inside the body (especially in the lungs and kidney area) but also helps to rebuild what has been damaged by Covid-19. A recent study showed that all patients having severe conditions recovered thanks to MSCs (Mesenchymal)Stem cells: ( Another study from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine showed 100% success rate of recovery for patient up to 85 years old (

They’re often called the body’s raw materials. Stem cells are increasingly being used in medical treatments. Could they also play a role in beating back COVID-19?  Many medical researchers are convinced the answer is ‘yes.’ credit: CGNT America

How those cells are produced? What are their origin?

  • At Cell La Vie we produce them from a simple blood sample or from umbilical cord (UC) into our Class 100 Lab. We use adult cells ONLY and no embryonic cells.

What are the side effects?

  • From latest clinical trials and our experience there were none.

What are the chance of success to recover from severe illness due Sar-CoV-2?

  • The success rate are very high in test clinical trials, between 90-100% in randomized studies.

What do you recommend?

  • Every patients has the ability to make their own choices, if a patient decide to proceed with MSCs stem cell do not wait, every hour counts.